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The Growito digital platform maximizes your business opportunities and turns prospects into paying customers.

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Lead management with AI support

Lead management with
AI support for better conversion results

Lead management with AI support

How to efficiently generate and work with leads in online marketing - strategic game, that is fulfilling and entertaining

In the realm of online marketing, one of the core components is the creation of business opportunities, or 'leads'. This process is followed by the critical task of nurturing these prospects. All of this is done with a crucial goal: to turn leads into paying customers. In this article, we will explore how to approach the entire process as an entertaining strategic game played out in real-time.

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GROWITO - online marketing jako strategická hra
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calendar_month 1. 8. 2023

The importance of quick response while handling new leads in lead management

Leads play a crucial role in achieving business success and maintaining competitiveness. Lead management is the process of acquiring and managing potential customers from their initial interest to closing deals. Thorough lead management can bring many benefits, but a key factor that can significantly impact success is a rapid response to newly generated leads. Let's take a closer look.

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GROWITO - The importance of quick response while handling new leads in lead management

We combine business with marketing

One platform, a whole range of benefits.

Thanks to the Growito platform, you will achieve an effective interplay between online marketing, lead management and sales, so you can successfully manage marketing campaigns and business activities in perfect synergy.

Sales performance

  • Aggregation of all business inquiries from your websites and social platforms in one place
  • Automatic and manual allocation of incoming requests to specific sellers
  • Immediate response to every inquiry by phone or email
  • Tools for continuous planning of the entire business process - Lead management
  • Measuring the performance of sellers and evaluating the fulfillment of indicators and their success
  • Possibility of integration into the existing CRM system

Effective marketing

  • Accurate return of investments (ROI) of individual online marketing campaigns
  • Easy implementation website implementation via code insertion or Google Tag Manager
  • Connecting other demand channels (call center or partners) to processing
  • Detailed tracking of every inquiry from conversion ad to final sale
  • Easy integration of data into tools such as Google Analytics
  • Integration with all types of online campaigns (search, display, Lead Ads)
Přehledné prostředí
Intuitive interface

Whether you are seller, leader or manager of an entire business team, GROWITO provides a perfect overview for every user of the system. Processing, planning, evaluation and statistics - everything in one place.

User Roles



Demands under control
Leads under control

Work with incoming requests (leads) in an intuitive environment - lead management - with the option of filtering and scoring. Depending on the user role, you as a manager have the option to intervene in the work of your subordinates or monitor the work of all sellers in your team.

Lead management is the process of acquiring, aggregating and managing business opportunties - leads. The goal of lead management is to simplify acquiring leads and help converting website audience to potential customers thus optimize the sales process. One of the key ingredients of successful lead management is the ability to quickly respond to current visitor´s need. Having relevant leads, lead management provides fast and easy way to proccess them and convert to sales. Having relevant data then helps understand customer´s conversion path and adjust marketing strategy.

Event Planning


Artificial Intelligence
AI support

An unlimited set of specific questions can be defined for each lead to generate the required template for follow-up personalized communication. It can be, for example, the text of an e-mail with content relevant to sender requirements, marketing materials for the requested service or product, or the preparation of sales arguments before a phone call.

More information
Analysis and reporting
Analysis and reporting

You can observe your team's performance in realtime reports. Dashboard gives you feedback on performance indicators of leads and sellers. Setting own parameters of interest is straightforward, so you can determine and monitor the KPIs of each seller.

Flexible form settings
Flexible forms

Simply create and adjust GROWITO forms to fit your needs. You can edit your form and changes reflect immediately on your sites. And if you already have your own forms deployed, it is easy to connect them to the GROWITO platform.

Facebook Leads Ads
Facebook Leads Ads campaigns

We also aggregate Facebook Leads Ads via our registered Meta application. That makes it easy to incorporate Facebook campaigns output directly into Growito platform and evaluate ROI.

Manage all your business requests efficiently and clearly in one place

Contact us and find out how to implement GROWITO in your company as well.

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GROWITO - implementation

Easy implementation and management

A solution that really works - built from experience and feedback.

The Growito platform is designed to be set-up and deployed to live environment in a matter of days, not months. It can be easily added on company websites and provides sellers and marketers with an intuitive interface with the output data they need.

  • Embed code for instant web deployment
  • Conversion path from online to offline
  • Elegant and intuitive interface on desktop or mobile
GROWITO - marketing

business opportunities and marketing under control

Designed for specific roles in the company.

We know well that working with demand data is a complex task. Therefore, Growito is adapted to individual roles and preferences of those who use it. Whether you are creating inquiries, trying to successfully trade them, or managing sales and marketing – you will immediately get the information you need.

  • Logical and straightforward for sellers
  • Accurate and comprehensive for online marketing
  • Clear and clear for management
GROWITO - obchod

When your store plays prim

GROWITO is for companies processing many requests.

Having dozens or hundreds of requests per day or large fluctuations while running marketing campaigns? The Growito platform was build with scalability in mind and makes it easy to process large volumes of lead data. Let your sales team focus solely on interactions with customers leading to sales and don´t miss a single business opportunity.

Car sales
Financial Services
Personal Marketing
Real estate
Legal Services
IT services
Other lead generating segments

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