GROWITO for small businesses and entrepreneurs

GROWITO for small businesses and entrepreneurs

It really grows with you.

Although GROWITO was designed for the aggregation of a large number of requests and the work of broad sales networks, it is suitable also for smaller scale projects. So even if you are a small company or an independent self-employed person, simply register create your first conversion form, put it on your site and get the first five real inquiries absolutely free. And as your business grows, create access accounts for employees and delegate them the lead processing. You will also benefit from sophisticated reporting and other advanced functions.

GROWITO Starter Pack

For those who want to focus only on their business.

One time only forCZK 17,990without VAT for two years

Are you good at your job, but not a geek at heart? Don't want to deal with details and waste time? We know exactly what to do and help you dive into Growito experience. That is why we have prepared a START PACKAGE for small businesses and entrepreneurs, which will provide you with your own conversion page on the web in professional quality on your own domain. We will also implement a conversion form and only give you access to GROWITO, where you can handle incoming requests for your services or products.

GROWITO - starter package
  • Registration of a domain of your choice for 2 years
    • Together we will choose the most suitable free domain for your business
    • We will manage its registration for 2 years
    • The domain will be registered to you - it will be your property
  • Implementation of a customized conversion page in professional quality
    • We will agree on the scope of the presented information
    • We will prepare a page design focused on acquiring new customers
    • We will set up reporting including conversion path visualisation
  • Conversion form settings in GROWITO
    • We will design an inquiry form relevant to your business
    • We minimize the number of mandatory items
    • We guarantee full compliance with GDPR
  • Placing the conversion form on the page
    • We find the most suitable location on the page
    • We assure that the entire process of filling out and sending is as simple as possible
    • If necessary, we will modify design and appearance
  • Operation of a conversion site on the web for 2 years
    • We will place the page with the form on one of our servers
    • We will set up your new domain
    • We provide security with an SSL certificate and form protection against bots
  • Ensuring your company's basic registrations
    • We will enter your company in Google Company and Company List
    • We will establish linkage to selected branch catalog
    • We will publish 1 article on the topic of the offered service/product/solution
  • GROWITO Credits for processing requests
    • We will grant you with 10 credits to start on our platform
    • As part of the package, you can process the first 10 real requests
    • The validity of the credits is not limited in any way
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