GROWITO for medium and large companies

GROWITO for medium and large companies

We combine business with marketing.

Growito is our flagship product. It is the essence of the most effective lead management and business process management you can rely on. Brilliantly fine-tuned, powerful and at highly relevant to how the car sales and service business really works. That's what Growito is. Thanks to Growito, you have absolute control over the progress of customer´s demand and its processing from the very first time lead enters Growito ecosystem. Whether it is from Growito created forms or 3rd party forms on social platforms, it seamlessly integrates output from all your campaigns. The results and evaluation of your campaigns will thus form a truly complete conversion funnel, starting with the display of the ad and ending with the resulting sale. In this way, you implement highly effective campaigns that strengthen your position among existing clients and gain a competitive advantage when acquiring new clients.

Manage all your business requests efficiently and clearly in one place

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Effective solution for the daily business agenda

Growito is an online business platform that unifies, manages the flow and processing of every business request from the web. Brilliantly fine-tuned, powerful and at all times extremely relevant to how the car sales business really works.

GROWITO - Great tool for quality sellers

A great tool for quality sellers

Every merchant in the sales network receives a business request on their computer or phone immediately after lead enters ecosystem and can effectively manage its processing and completion.

GROWITO - Easy to deploy and use

Easy to deploy and use

A big advantage is the fact that it is a flexibly designed digital solution that can be deployed in the entire dealer network at little cost and very quickly. You pay only for the specific business demands processed. If you are not satisfied, you can export your data and leave anytime at no additional cost.

GROWITO - More than 20 years of automotive experience

More than 20 years of experience

We have been on the market for over 20 years and have been working closely with car importers all time long. Thanks to this, we have gained an exceptionally good insight into the proccesses and challenges that the sales and marketing in automotive face every day. We can always adapt Growito to your needs.

We are strengthening

add_chart We increase the efficiency of business proccesses

Thanks to the 100% and fully automated processing of each request, we guarantee the maximum potential of their extraction by the seller meanwhile providing solutions for various scenarios (holidays, etc.).

query_stats We enable the measurement of the liquidity of leads, performance of dealerships and specific sellers

We provide accurate information about the performance and fulfillment of the goals of individual dealerships and sellers involved and evaluate business response to individually or centrally created sales and marketing campaigns.

work_history We improve responsibility, transparency and business performance

We provide tools to professionalize and simplify business processes, thus contributing to higher performance of the sales team and giving exact feedback on the quality of their work.

We support

speed We speed up the flow of business data from importers

We instantly and automatedly forward inquiries from all importer channels (web forms, telesales and more) to relevant sellers to capture a hot business opportunity.

pending_actions We facilitate the processing of individual requests

We centralize and manage the processing of individual requests at the level of sales team members in an intuitive web and mobile interface and with process adjustments reflecting seller's habits.

group_add We help manage and utilize sales people in the team

We provide detailed feedback on the progresses and results of each involved seller and the fulfillment of the performance indicators.

We streamline

list_alt We centralize the processing of web forms

We consolidate online forms on websites, landing pages and partners into a central system, so that no form inquiry gets lost and each one is very easy to process.

monitoring We deliver real business results for every online campaign

We provide accurate feedback on completed deals based on sources of online activities, dramatically improving the ability to target, reformulate and manage marketing campaigns.

developer_mode We simplify the implementation of marketing campaigns

We provide tool to create and embed forms on web pages as a self-contained block of code, deployable even through web container like GTM. This makes the new campaign set-up fast and technically easy.

I am interested in GROWITO

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