How to efficiently generate and work with leads in online marketing - strategic game, that is fulfilling and entertaining

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Investments in online marketing can hold immense potential, yet it is critical to recognize that funds deployed without a specific goal and strategy are meaningless. Beyond the dense fog commonly referred to as "Brand Awareness," they yield no tangible results. Therefore, one of the key aspects of online marketing is the generation of business opportunities, or leads. This process is followed by subsequent engagement with these leads. The overarching aim is the conversion of leads into paying customers. In the realm of digital marketing, this represents a pivotal step towards achieving successful conversions and a return on marketing investments (ROI). In this article, we will explore how to approach the entire process as a fun strategic game that involves all participants and is played in real-time. ↘️

GROWITO - Jak v online marketingu efektivně generovat a pracovat s leady aneb strategická hra, která vás bude bavit.

The strategic game of online marketing

Imagine that online marketing is akin to a board game (or perhaps an online strategy game - whatever resonates more with you). Your task is to strategically select and position your [advertising campaigns] across the board [digital space] in such a way as to garner as many points [leads] as possible. Each entity has its unique abilities and tactics, and your efforts are concentrated on how to best deploy them. Just as in any strategic game where combining the strengths of your figures and contemplating each move is essential, here too, the focus is on lead management and conversion [lead management].


When we dive into the subsequent process of lead generation and management, it becomes a "game within a game," or rather, the next level of the game. The first part of this game is mainly designed for marketers and media planners, while this second part falls within the realm of sales professionals.

At this stage of the game, GROWITO becomes your primary playing field

Your objective is to attract potential customers (your game entities) and manage them through lead management (strategically placing them on the board) to then convert them into actual customers (scoring points). Just like in any good game, you must continuously evaluate your progress, analyze your moves, and adjust your strategy based on the insights gained. For this, you will utilize statistical tools and analytical + KPI metrics within Growito.

What makes this "game" so engaging is the fact that there is no single path to victory. It is an ongoing process of learning, experimenting, and adapting. Each campaign, every lead, and each conversion bring their own set of challenges and opportunities. And just like in any enjoyable game, the joy of victory is all the greater when it's achieved through your thoughtful and strategic approach, compounded by your growing experience.

Ultimately, online marketing truly is a unique and entertaining game where the goal is not only to score more points than your competitors but also to enjoy the process of watching it unfold in real time, analyzing ongoing results, and modifying your strategies accordingly.

And always remember: the best players are those who continuously learn and adapt according to the fundamental rules of the game.

Core rules of the game

Lead generation – business opportunities

The aim of every online marketing campaign should be to attract potential customers. These customers, whom you draw to your website, become your leads. Whether they are visitors who have registered for a newsletter or those who have filled out a conversion or contact form, it is crucial to identify them and begin communication.

Lead management

Once you have leads, you must work with them. Active lead management involves categorizing and assessing leads, perhaps by source or type of inquiry, and then following up with communication. Each lead has a different value and potential. Proper lead management can help you pinpoint the most valuable leads and prioritize them.

Conversion to sales

Leads themselves do not equate to sales. It is imperative to have a strategy for converting these leads into actual customers. This includes effective communication, offers, discounts, and other marketing tools, such as the preparation of pertinent sales arguments using AI. These practices enhance the likelihood of converting leads into sales.

Evaluating results

One of the most crucial steps in the process is the analysis and evaluation of results. What were the conversion rates? How many leads transformed to customers? Based on this data, you can adjust your marketing strategies.

Adjusting future campaigns

The data obtained from analytics should serve as the foundation for your future marketing campaigns. Using past experiences, you can tweak your strategy, optimize advertising budgets, and thereby increase the return on investment.


Investing in online marketing without a clear strategy for lead generation and management is ineffective. The key to success is not just attracting potential customers but also communicating with them efficiently, converting them into actual customers, and continuously learning and adapting based on available data. And if you learn to take the entire process truly as a game, your work can be fun on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter whether you play it as a marketer, creative, salesperson, project manager, or the big boss of it all; all roles in the game are important.

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