How modern lead management application can help businesses succeed

calendar_month 25. 7. 2023

In the highly competitive digital age, key strategies are needed to effectively acquire new customers. One of the crucial tools that can assist you in this is a properly configured and functional lead management application. Acquiring and processing business inquiries are vital steps that can influence the overall success of your business. In this article, we will look at the importance of these processes within the context of the lead management application.

GROWITO - How Modern Lead Management Application Can Help Businesses Succeed

What is Lead Management?

Lead management is the process of identifying, acquiring, processing, and converting potential customers, known as 'leads', into actual customers. The goal of lead management is to ensure that each lead is properly tracked and progressed through the entire sales process until closure. Lead management doesn't just involve generating new leads; it also includes their successful processing and nurturing until they become loyal customers.


The GROWITO platform is built on three fundamental pillars that logically connect with each other.

  • GROWITO Forms – flexibly designed API
  • GROWITO Lead management – intuitive environment for working with leads
  • GROWITO Analytics – comprehensive overview across marketing and business metrics

Acquiring Business Leads

Acquiring business leads is the first step in lead management. Without a sufficient number of quality leads, there's nothing to convert potential customers from. Lead management applications collect and centralize data from various sources like web forms, social media, emails, and other marketing campaigns. This process is called lead aggregation. This enables rapid responses to new demands and minimizes the risk of missing potential business opportunities.


Lead aggregation in GROWITO is handled through a flexible API that lets you create specific data structures for each lead type.

  • Forms generated directly from the platform environment. No programming required.
  • Simple integration of existing forms. Utilize what you already have.
  • Prepared for receiving leads from external services. Minimize costly development.
  • Application for collecting leads from Facebook Leads Ads campaigns. Connect your campaign with GROWITO using its ID.

Processing Business Inquiries

Processing business inquiries is another key aspect of lead management. Quick and efficient responses to new inquiries are crucial. Lead management applications can automatically assign inquiries to specific sales representatives based on criteria like location, customer interest, or likelihood of closing a deal. This ensures that every lead is properly tracked and never left unanswered.


In GROWITO, lead management is the most important part of the platform. It involves processing assigned business inquiries.

  • GROWITO's platform allows for implementing user structures ranging from individuals to entire business groups, each with varying rights and views.
  • Selected users (managers) can monitor, coordinate, and evaluate their subordinates' work within the defined structure. They can create accounts, deactivate unnecessary ones, or specify lead handling from selected sources.
  • The system automatically evaluates important KPIs like conversion ratios and response times.
  • GROWITO can be implemented as a server solution within or as a cloud solution for specific users.

Effective Communication with Potential Customers

Lead management applications offer tools for effective communication with potential customers. Quick responses to their queries or requests are crucial for maintaining their interest in your product or service. These applications allow tracking all communication with each lead, creating a better foundation for future interactions and personalized offers.


At every stage of designing and developing GROWITO, our focus was on effective and intuitive user experiences towards potential customers.

  • Response to inquiries happens in real-time. When a lead is generated, GROWITO sends notification emails to relevant salespeople for lead takeover.
  • After a lead is taken by a seller, the customer is informed via an autogenerated email with the seller's contact details. The email template can be customized to match your company's identity.
  • GROWITO allows recording completed actions and planning future actions within the sales process. Planned actions are displayed clearly in the calendar.
  • After the sales process, each lead is closed with success or failure, with an option for additional information for further automated evaluation.

Increasing Productivity and Conversion Rates

A well-designed lead management application can significantly boost your sales teams' productivity. By automating routine tasks and better organizing leads, your sales representatives have more time for quality interactions with potential customers. This ultimately leads to higher conversion rates and more closed deals.


GROWITO is a business-marketing platform developed to maximize conversion rates, both in acquiring new leads through marketing activities and during subsequent sales efforts.

  • GROWITO integrates online marketing and sales, fostering collaboration between the marketing team that generates leads and the sales team that handles conversions.
  • Monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) aids in identifying process strengths and weaknesses.
  • Easily creating and duplicating conversion forms enables cost-effective A/B testing to identify the most effective practices.
  • Specific lead closure processes can include an optional request for customer feedback, with responses stored for statistical evaluation.


Acquiring and processing business inquiries are critical aspects of lead management. A well-configured lead management application can enhance your sales team's efficiency, identify key inquiries, and process them effectively. This ultimately improves your business performance, helps you compete in the rapidly changing business landscape, and gains loyal customers. Investing in a modern lead management application can be a pivotal step towards long-term business success.

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